Fintech arrives in Myanmar

With a newly burgeoning economy and an open market for the first time in 50 years, along with rapid advances in technology, Myanmar is ripe for fintech companies to offer new products and services.

All around the world, technology is transforming people’s access to financial management services, whether for personal use or for investment and business. Fintech start-ups are now capitalising on Myanmar’s speedy development and growing use of smartphones. It’s a market ready for low cost, user friendly, accessible financial products accessible online, whether from a computer or a smartphone.

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Singapore and UN to Promote ASEAN Financial Inclusion

Image of stocks online. Htet Tayza discusses Fintech in Asia.

Singapore has the most developed finance sector, especially in the area of financial technology (fintech), of all the Association of South-East Asian Nation (ASEAN) territories. The city-state is, therefore, well-placed to promote sorely-needed financial inclusion across the region, which its central bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), has just teamed up with the UN to do.

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Singapore and London Named Top Global Fintech Sectors

Htet Tayza

We are seeing the gradual rise of a robust financial technology (fintech) sector around the world, with financial hubs such as London, New York and Singapore fast-developing thriving fintech industries. London and Singapore were recently named the world’s top fintech hubs.  Htet Tayza comments.

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Htet Tayza Talks Fintech in Myanmar With Bloomberg

Htet Tayza

As Managing Director of Myanmar’s Asia Green Development Bank (AGD), Htet Tayza recently discussed some of the key issues facing Myanmar’s financial sector with Bloomberg. Htet argued that by harnessing the potential of financial technology (fintech), Myanmar could promote financial inclusion among its large, unbanked population, something which AGD is already aiming to achieve.

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Group Launched to Promote Global Fintech Standardisation

Image of a meeting place.

It is key that firms operating in the booming worldwide financial technology (fintech) space encounter consistency between national markets, to minimise costs so they can instead focus on growing revenue.

New reports show that we are one step closer to achieving this goal, as a group has been launched to promote standardisation throughout the global fintech sector. Htet Tayza comments. Continue reading…

Myanmar Central Bank Proposes Major Change

Htet Tayza: flexible fintech

Myanmar is developing up a robust, outward-facing banking sector, to ensure that businesses can secure the capital needed to fuel national economic growth. It is crucial, for example, that banks can supply trade financing for Myanmar’s importers and exporters, so they can move goods across global borders. The Director of Myanmar’s Central Bank, U Win Thaw, recently revealed that the body may allow foreign banks to perform this service in the country, if local institutions prove unable to do so. Continue reading…