How to Keep Money Safe While Travelling

There are several practical concerns you need to take into account when you decide to go travelling. One is money. How can you keep your money safe while travelling so you have the funds you need to make the most of your trip? That’s what I’m about to explain on the Htet Tayza blog.

Why should everyone go travelling?

Everyone should go travelling. When you hit the road you encounter new people, new ideas and new ways of thinking. It broadens the mind and introduces you to alternative cultures and lifestyles.

Ultimately travelling gives you the kind of life experience that you can’t earn anywhere else. This is why every budding entrepreneur needs to take that big worldwide trip at least once in their life. It will give them the amazing life experiences they need to tackle the unique challenges that come along with trying to build a successful venture.

Money makes the world go round

However you need money if you’re going to depart on a massive worldwide jaunt. You need funds for accommodation, to buy food, to visit attractions and take public transportation.

If you’re not careful with your money when you’re in a foreign country, a country you don’t know, someone may steal it. That’s why it’s vital that you put measures in place to keep your money safe at all times when you travel.

Tips to keep your money safe

Here are a few tips that’ll help you do so.

  • Wear a money bag: Pockets are so easily picked. If you want to keep your funds secure when you’re out and about, forget wallets and wear a money bag instead.


  • Separate your funds: This is a failsafe. If you separate your money then you’ll have some left if a thief steals the cash on your person.


  • Follow cash machine etiquette: There are rules everyone follows when they withdraw money from a cash machine e.g. covering the keypad when you type your pin. Those rules apply at all times, even (especially) when you’re using a foreign cash machine.


  • Don’t flash the cash: Thieves target the tourists they believe have the most money. If you wear a fancy Rolex or a diamond ring, it’ like you’re advertising yourself as a target to the pickpockets of the world. Try to look modest if you want to keep your cash secure while you’re travelling.

Keep your money safe at all times

Just be sensible. You have travelled to a foreign country where you don’t know the language, the customs or how things work. If your money is stolen, you’ll face a struggle to recover your loss and you need that money to fund the travelling experience of a lifetime. Strive to keep your money safe at all times.


Explore the cradle of civilisation

Htet Tayza

Israel sits at the heart of the cradle of civilisation, making it a fantastic holiday destination but is it safe to visit? That’s the question I’m going to explore on the Htet Tayza blog this week.

Explore the cradle of civilisation

I believe that travel broadens the mind. That’s why I think that everyone should carve some time out of their busy schedules to make the trip over to Israel.

No country has a history like Israel’s. Sitting in the heart of the region that was once known as the cradle of civilisation, Israel is the birthplace of two of the Abrahamic religions; Judaism and Christianity. It also holds great significance for followers of the third Abrahamic religion; Islam.

This means that Israel is a treasure trove of historical, religious and cultural sites just waiting for you to find. Jerusalem alone attracts numerous tourists every year. Israel’s capital is the home of famous tourist attractions such as the Western Wall, the only remains of the mythical Jewish Temple, the Dome of the Rock, the Mosque built on the site where according to Quranic scripture, Mohammed ascended up to heaven, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; the supposed site of Christ’s crucifixion.

Contentious territory

Therefore there are multiple benefits to gain when you travel to the Holy Land, yet there’s one drawback.  The country has been the site of contention for years.

The modern state of Israel was founded on May 14th, 1948. Israel was previously a British protectorate, however before it fell into the hands of the largest empire in the world it was an Ottoman territory. It has a large Muslim population. The years since statehood have seen the country become embroiled in conflict.

What does the Israel Ministry of Tourism say?

This begs the question, is it safe to go there? According to the Israel Ministry of Tourism, yes, although tourists from certain countries may need a visa to do so. Click here to see if you would need a visa to travel to Israel. On its website the Ministry says:

‘Israel is an extremely safe country to visit and tour. In 2012, close to four million tourists came to Israel, an all-time record, and all of them went back home again safe and sound. We would not encourage tourists to come if we felt they would be in the slightest danger.’

Is it safe to visit the Palestinian territories?

Israel is one thing, but the Palestinian territories are another. All of the famous tourist sites I mentioned above lie in Palestinian land (technically) as does the Church of the Nativity, the basilica in Bethlehem that marks the believed birthplace of Christ, and many others.

However the region’s current troubles are a point of concern. Is it safe to visit the Palestinian territories? The Ministry says: ‘it’s wise to check on the political situation before entering the Palestinian Authority.’ They also advise you to take your passport, as you’ll need it to make the crossing.


Be careful

Yes, in theory it’s safe to travel to Israel and even to make the crossing into Palestinian territory but I’d be careful if I were you. Check the political situation before you go so you can be sure you’ll be safe when you visit Israel.

Can Travel Benefit Your Mental Health?

Htet Tayza Travel

I believe that travel holds a number of benefits for the entrepreneur looking to make their way on the road to success. Is mental health one of them? Keep reading the Htet Tayza blog to find out.

The benefits of travel

Every budding young entrepreneur should take the time to travel the world. This is because in my opinion, travel opens up your mind. It exposes you to new cultures, traditions and experiences. It introduces you to new people and ways of life.

I believe that these experiences are vital in business. Industry is competitive; you need any advantage you can get to triumph over your adversaries in the world of business. The insights that come from travel can give you the edge you need to come out on top against competitors that are looking to dominate the same market you are.

Travel gives you perspective

Yet an article that was featured on Psych Central back in 2013 has also led me to believe that there is another benefit to travel that I hadn’t thought of before. It can boost your mental health.

The article quotes travel consultant Sarah Jensen. The consultant suggests that there are several ways that travel can prove advantageous to somebody’s mental health, yet there is one benefit she highlighted that I found particularly fascinating.

Jensen argues that travel gives you proper perspective. She writes that “when people view others in similar or worse situations, they tend to realise that their problems are no longer as daunting as they may have earlier believed.” She goes on to argue that “this greatly helps in reducing any stress or depression that may be lingering in the body.”

Why travel is good for the mental health of an entrepreneur

In my opinion this shows that travelling could prove particularly beneficial for the mental health of a young entrepreneur.

Establishing a business – one that you hope will become successful – is a strenuous task. It’s so easy to stumble and fail. Failure can lead to the development of mental health conditions such as stress and depression. Therefore getting out in the world and seeing other people deal with these same problems could help a frustrated entrepreneur deal with the stress and depression that can often accompany this difficult time in their career.

Travelling can benefit your mental health

So yes, it turns out that one of the benefits of travel is that it can boost your mental health. Entrepreneurs in particular should take note of this as it suggests that travel can help them overcome the mental health conditions that could cripple their capability to build a successful career.

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Five Tips for Travelling around the World


Preparing for the adventure of a lifetime? If so read on, as this week on the Htet Tayza blog I reveal five tips for travelling around the world.

There’s nothing like a trip around the world

There’s nothing like travel. It opens you up to new experiences and broadens your horizons. No journey is more likely to do so than a trip around the world.

Set off for a trip around the world and you’ll return home a completely different person. You’ll see so many different places, experience so many different cultures and meet so many different people. Those experiences will not only provide you with memories destined to last a lifetime but insight that’ll help guide you on your way once you return home and turn your attention to crafting a successful career.

Five tips to help you plan a trip around the world

Yet trekking across the breadth of the globe is a cumbersome endeavour. You need to plan your adventure. Use the following five tips to prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime…

  • Do plenty of research: There’s so many places to see and so little time. Research your chosen destinations before you leave so by the time you get there you’re armed with every piece of information you need to appreciate your experience.


  • Save every penny you can: Travelling costs. Don’t depend on your ability to secure a temp job on a farm out in the Andes for revenue. Start saving the minute you decide to head off around the world to ensure you have the funds you need to support every step of your trip.


  • Book flights early: Have you ever tried to catch a flight last minute? It’s time consuming, expensive and irritating. Book your flights early and you ensure smooth, (mostly) stress-free travel throughout the length of your trip.


  • Connect with people online: You’re heading off to foreign countries on your own. How are you supposed to appreciate your experience if you don’t have anyone to appreciate it with? Connect with people from the countries you’re travelling to online via social media sites such as Facebook before you set off so have someone to meet you when you arrive at your destination.


  • Create an account on Skype: We all get homesick. Don’t let a desire for familiar surroundings ruin your trip of a lifetime. Set up a Skype account before you leave so you can connect with your loved ones back home whenever the desire for familiar surroundings strikes your heart.

Plan your trip

Basically, don’t just decide to travel the world one day and set off the next. Plan your trip before you set off so you have everything you need to appreciate the experiences you’re destined to encounter on this journey of a lifetime.

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