The Many Advantages of Mobile Banking

Technology and banking are now inextricably linked. Over the last decade, the two have combined to form a new and ever evolving way of doing business in the finance industry, whether personal, business, investing or any kind of fund management.

The term FinTech (financial technology) has emerged as an umbrella word for all sorts of technological advances in banking. It can refer to smartphone Apps that give instant access to bank accounts to websites offering financial advice without high costs or long waits.

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Myanmar Set to Modernise Banking System

The banking system in Myanmar is key to modernising the financial system of the nation, in the face of its rapid economic growth.

An audit is soon to underway of state owned banks in Myanmar – the first of its kind for several decades. It’s hoped that the results of this comprehensive audit will clarify the best ways forward for the restructure of the banking sector.

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