How to Look After Your Customer

To ensure you have everything you need to build a successful venture, this week on the Htet Tayza blog I outline how to look after your customer.

The Customer is King

Anyone who’s ever had even a smidgen of success in building a profitable business knows one thing. The customer is everything. Without a customer, you have no one to buy your product/service, thus no way to generate the capital you need to survive.

In the modern world, the business sector is more cut-throat than ever. That is why it’s so important that you recognise the value of your customers and strive to look after them. If you don’t, you can bet your bottom dollar that somebody else will.

Five Ways to Look After Your Customer

Therefore, in order to prevent a loyal customer from deserting you, as well as attract new ones, you need to focus on looking after them. Here are five ways in which to do so.

  • Treat Them With Respect: Manners cost nothing, but can prove extremely lucrative. No consumer likes to feel as though their custom isn’t valued. That is why you need to ensue your staff are respectful at all times.


  • Provide a Feedback Service: A dissatisfied customer is a flight risk, but not a write-off. Keep them on board by providing a feedback service, through which they can vent their grievance. Then you can address it, show them that you value their custom, and persuade them to stay with you.


  • Initiate a Customer Reward Scheme: Customers are savvy people – they want as much bang for their buck as possible. Provide that bang by initiating a reward scheme – coupons, gifts, reward points etc., to show them just how much they can get through directing their business your way.


  • Hold a Customer Appreciation Night: If a customer feels as though their loyalty is setting them apart from everybody else, they’ll feel a greater desire to maintain that devotion. One way to make a customer feel unique, is to hold a customer appreciation event. You could, for example, hold an unveiling of a new product, available only to loyal customers.


  • Support the Causes They Care About: Do some research and find out what causes your customers care about, then initiate efforts to support those causes. By doing so, you remind people that when they patronise your venture, they are helping a cause they hold close to their hearts. With that knowledge firmly in place, why would they ever want to leave?

Strive to Capture Their Loyalty

Whatever method you choose to implement to show you care about your target consumer, you must remember that the customer is king. Without them, you are nothing, which is why you should strive to capture their loyalty at every opportunity you get.